So...this is where we are at🙃....
...We will Not be Opening Just Yet....! 
It will be more likely  August ...!
We are of course looking at All the Covid Secure Requirements needed.. and finding the best way to implement them🤨TricKy!!!

But also we have Building Repairs to do , and this is in place to go ahead in July...
I guess this will give All the 'Requirements' time to 'Settle' and become more Specific ! And see if anything has to be 'Tweaked'... 🤷‍♀

We will not be taking any Bookings  at this time..
But I anticipate it will be Bookings Only ( Food ,Also  Drinks Only) 🤔

But keep in Touch. ..
. ....Facebook...Instagram.... phone 

And as soon as we have the date you will know ...
Keep Well ...See You Soon .
Jen and All @3H

01332 695129